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    I have a new hobby, gardening.  I never used to be at all good at growing things but I have recently had much better luck and have a house full of plants. Now that it is spring/summer, it is time for new beginnings, some hanging baskets, and maybe some new perennials as well. I am always looking for suggestions and ideas on what grows well here in Cottonwood, Arizona so please feel free to Email me.  

    I also have another hobby and that is compiling a database of all the books in my library which I have now moved into its own room. Something tells me that this will be an ongoing project since I am always adding books to my already overflowing shelves. If I can not actually go where no man has gone before I can continue to do what I have done all my life and that is enter my alternate realities through books. (Since I have been working for PCS I have not had a chance to start this project but someday I will tackle it!)  

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