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My name is Cheryl 

These are some of the things I like:

I enjoy reading. Some of my favorite authors include H. Rider Haggard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Thomas B. Costain, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

I love food.

I like to travel and feel most drawn to Great Britain.

I am a private pilot although I have not flown recently.

Water, so why am I in Arizona?


I dislike these things:

I do not like censorship or the idea of limiting my access to information.

I am not fond of overcooked vegetables or weak coffee, and I hate rootbeer!

I dislike flight delays.

I have a real abhorrence to bad landings.

I don't like the fact that Arizona is without beaches.

Let me share my worst nightmare:

It is the end of the semester, I do not remember what my classes are and I have not attended all year.  Today is finals and all my assignments are due!

Here are some of my hopes, dreams and wishes:

To watch my sons and their wives become healthy, happy, successful people.

To have the time and money for my husband and I to be travelers while we are still young enough to enjoy ourselves.

To be a scholar.

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