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Will Squyres Helicopter Tours

 jaw dropping, awe inspiring, amazing, unforgettable, smile inducing, 

and that's just the pilot! 

Gardner, Pilot for Will Squyres Helicopter Tours Our Pilot, Gardner Brown
The Na Pali Coast Waimea Canyon
Scene from the helicopter Breathtaking! More heicopter views
It is no fluke that Hawaii is the rainbow state, you see them everywhere! I wish you could see this as we did, these pictures pale in comparison
The views in real life are absolutely more beautiful than these pictures. I cannot do justice to the majesty we witnessed. There is a video professionally done and for sale through Will Squyres Helicopter Tours


Papaya Trees Poipu Tree Tunnel
A cloudy Hanalei Bay, Bali High from South Pacific was filmed Could we use something like this in the Verde Valley? Taro fields, a cooperative with the farmers and National Wildlife Service

The Taro fields are in Hanalei Valley

Hanalei Valley Hanalei Valley Hanalei Valley with Taro fields
We kept taking pictures of Hanalei Valley hoping to catch a glimpse of Puff.

The Plane! The Plane! (Do you recognize these falls? Some of the glorious color!

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