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Before we left Maui we decided to share our view from our room and on the way out of town we saw a pineapple field.


Cheryl on the balcony with Molokai in the back, on Maui Just a coconuts throw from our balcony to the beach (or the pool) Pineapple fields with Molokai in the back.

On to Kauai . . 

Hanalei Bay, sight where South Pacific was filmed Kiluea Lighthouse

We stopped on the way to the lighthouse to watch Shearwater birds nesting on the side of the cliff.

No No, not Canadian, Ne Ne (Hawaiian Goose) Birds only beyond the fence. . . the 1st step's a doozy! Shearwater bird nesting in the side of the hill
Kiluea Light House wpe1.jpg (88538 bytes)

The next day (Day 9) it is on to more beautiful places. 


Spouting Horn, near Poipu on the south side of Kauai Lava tube just emptied but is filling up fast Water is constantly filling and emptying this lava tunnel
Rows of coffee trees at the Kauai Coffee Company Kauai boasts the largest coffee plantation in Hawaii (3,400 acres in production) Coffee is a big crop in Hawaii Cheryl on Salt Pond Beach
Kauai Coffee Company produces superb coffee and has a coffee club, the Kauai Coffee Estate Coffee Club  with ordering possible on their website.

Kauai Coffee Company Visitor Center

Polihale Beach, an endless white sand beach with 100 foot dunes We found virtually empty beaches everywhere we went Polihale Beach with Na Pali Coast in background
Surf crashing on Polihale with the Forbidden island of Niihau in background

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